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Christmas Project 2022! Bring blessings to Thailand and Sierra Leone: Help us reach our $6000 goal!
Short term missions
Take Part In Trips To:
  1. NYC - get trained in evangelism & abiding with Jesus through our partner organization, then go out into international neighborhoods to meet new friends; participants will then introduce their new friends to local house churches.
  2. US major city - serve alongside an Afghan church in the US working among Afghan refugees.
  3. Shoptar - people can take part in seeing fruit among the least-reached Shoptar. We're looking for those with experience in teaching, medicine, business, tech, or sports.
  4. Sierra Leone - medical trips to Mattru Hospital bring healing and life to an area with great physical need.
  5. Thailand - teams will serve the community, expand local friendship opportunities, and increase the fruitful impact of the long-term team there.

Interested? Contact us for more information.

Short Term Mission Trips Go

Short-term Missions Opportunities

Serving in missions can seem daunting, but going with others and God's empowerment can help you take successful first steps!

We have short-term ministry trips that provide 1-2 weeks of service with a team. Participants go through training, raise support, serve on a field, and debrief.

After a two-year pause in travel due to Covid, trips have started up again! Join us in the U.S. or overseas.

We are highly selective and only promote trips that will have meaningful impact for locals, do not build dependency, and lead to growth for participants. Our trips include pre-trip training, logistical support, and post-trip debriefing.

“I got so much out of my experience with UB Global. We were able to help the long-term missionaries more effectively reach out to their friends. Another highlight is that I built new friendships with participants from other churches!”