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Northern Thais are only 0.4% Christian

Bring Jesus To Northern Thailand

Ten years ago, the Lord led UB Global on a journey to share Jesus with the Northern Thai people group. These beautiful people live throughout the north and central parts of Thailand and are currently only 0.4% Christian. In 2019 the Good Soil Community Center (GSCC) was established in a Northern Thai neighborhood to offer classes in the community. Over time, our teams have gained much favor with their Buddhist neighbors through the GSCC and regularly visiting homes. Passionate short-term teams have been an important part of our growth. These teams have blessed the community in tangible ways and provided inroads for our long-term missionaries to develop strong ongoing relationships. We are excited to offer three short-term opportunities for travel in 2024.

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Thinking About Joining Us?

Here Are A Few Things To Consider

Cost: each trip will cost around $2,800-$3,000 per person; although exact prices will vary according to airfare for that trip. If you'd like, UB Global can provide guidance on raising funds for your trip. Other costs you may need to consider include: obtaining a passport, luggage and travel items, meals in airports, lunches, drinks, and desserts while in Thailand, and personal gifts and keepsakes.

Lodging: we will stay in a hotel near our neighborhood community center. You can expect an experience similar to a clean & safe 2-star hotel. Individuals may reduce the trip price by rooming with another person of the same gender.

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A missionary is one who leaves their family for a short time, so other families can live together forever when they accept the Good News of Jesus!
Kathy Omer | a Missionary in Thailand