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Macau internship

Curious if God is calling you into missions?

UB Global offers internships serving overseas or in our headquarters in Huntington, IN. We have Internship opportunities for summer, a semester, or even a year.

International Internships

We have international opportunities in Chiang Rai, Thailand. You can serve alongside our international team of experienced UB Global cross-cultural workers. Interns develop experience and skills while exploring a long-term calling to cross-cultural work. We'll be right there beside you throughout the whole process as you train and raise support to go overseas, while you are in Thailand, and then to debrief with you after you return. Click here for more information about this internship.

Huntington, IN Internships

If exploring Missions while still in the United States is a better fit for you, we offer a variety of internships with our UB Global team out of our office in Huntington. Interns have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of missions. Responsibilities can be customized based on the interests, talents and skills of the intern. We have hosted interns with a variety of Majors ranging from Business, Graphic Design, English, Ministry and more.

Click on the link below to view job descriptions for both opportunities and if you are interested in exploring further, fill out the form below.

Chloe Makley Intern1

So whether you're taking a gap year, want to learn about missions post-schooling, or even just spend a semester or the summer drawing closer to God and what He's doing around the world, UB Global's internship program is just right for you.

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