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What will you do in this internship?

The Good Soil Community Center opens its doors to the Thai people in order to provide opportunities for learning and relational development. We also offer the message and hope of Jesus as people become comfortable with us. We have many programs that can incorporate various course studies.

The work you do there will be made to fit your passions and abilities and can include the following:

  • We offer language programs that instruct students in Chinese, English, and Spanish.
  • We are developing ministries for Families with Disabilities.
  • We have programs and equipment to engage people in both music and video technology.
  • We visit people in their homes to build relationships with those in the community.
  • We run some Bible studies to disciple Thai people.
  • We host short-term teams.
  • We engage in intramural sports.
  • We have programs for people learning to cook.
  • We are willing to work with other areas of interest.
Thailand Internship

Who is UB Global?

We are the mission organization that operates as the international arm of the United Brethren denomination. Huntington University operates in partnership with the United Brethren Church.

Where will the internship be?

It will be at the Good Soil Community Center in Chiang Rai, Thailand. We have placed many missionaries in the field and are able to assist you in traveling and finding a place of residence while in Thailand. Our team is accustomed to receiving new teammates and will welcome you warmly.

Why Thailand?

We focus on bringing the Gospel to the Northern Thai people because they are less than .05% Christian. We believe God wants them to have the opportunity to hear who Jesus is, but we show a great deal of respect for the Thai Buddhist religion and culture.

Job Description

You can download a job description here.

For more information, please contact us!