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Christmas in July Elephants only 5


Each year, the international team at the Good Soil Community Center (GSCC) invites their neighbors to a Christmas party. With each passing year, the party grows, drawing more attendees. This past year, over 250 people came and heard the Christmas message! For most, this party is their first introduction to the Gospel, and to the GSCC team and the classes and services we offer the community.

The impact of the Christmas party extends beyond the event itself. Over the subsequent months, more parents, children, youth, and elderly receive the care and witness of our dedicated staff. Throughout July, we'll be sharing short videos that provide a glimpse into how we are sharing the love of Christ through a variety of activities and outreach to our Northern Thai neighbors who are only 0.4% Christian. Be sure to check back each week or follow us on social media to see the newest video.

If you feel inspired to help share the love of Jesus with our Northern Thai neighbors throughout the year, consider becoming a monthly donor. Your monthly gift of $15 will help us ensure that our unreached friends are receiving loving services and learning and living the ways of Jesus.

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Work in Thailand
Northern Thais are only 0.4% Christian

Our UB Global workers in Thailand serve through a community center in an urban neighborhood. They provide services such as teaching English, regular home visits, soccer, and more.