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UB Global About Us
For over 165 years, we’ve been a part of God’s Kingdom advancement in some of the most Gospel-deprived places around the world. We don’t intend to stop until Jesus returns.
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We are an association of believers in nearly 20 countries. We are relentlessly pursuing and inspiring the fulfillment of the Great Commission, bringing the fullness of the Good News to the Gospel-deprived and the highly unreached people groups.

UB Global Unreached People Groups
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Unreached People Groups

While the Gospel is advancing around the world, over 4 in 10 people still belong to an unreached people group. Many do not know a Christian and will never have a chance to hear the Good News. Help us combat this great global injustice for over 3 billion people!

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Missions Resources

Get resources that will help strengthen your or your church’s engagement with God’s mission. Find out about missions small group studies, videos, kid’s ministry, partnership best practices, coaching, and much more.