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Imagine the populations of Australia, Canada, and Haiti combined; that's about 79 million people.

Now imagine that there are no Christians among them at all.

Shoptar Unreached Man

That's the reality for the Shoptar people group.

(We use the name Shoptar publicly for security reasons. It's not their real name.)

This tribal Muslim people group is primarily in two countries. There are nearly 80 million Shoptars, and they are a mere 0.003% Christian – statistically 0%!

They are incredibly hospitable, fiercely loyal, and staunchly Muslim. Most Shoptar will never have the chance to know a Christian or hear the Gospel even once! In fact, if a Shoptar tried to learn about Jesus, they could be disowned, attacked, or even killed by their own family.

There are shockingly few missionaries intentionally focused on reaching the Shoptar. In one particular country, there are over 50 million Shoptars but a paltry ten missionaries total working with them.

The Shoptar are found in large numbers in a few countries. Some locations are dangerous while others are safer than the US or Europe.

Shoptar Unreached Kids

UB Global's part

At UB Global, our hearts are deeply burdened by the reality that many Shoptar will never have a chance to hear the true Gospel and there are so few cross-cultural workers among them. Since 2021, the Lord of the Harvest has been challenging us to be a part of making a difference among the Shoptar.

By connecting with the few who are currently engaged with the Shoptar, we have identified various international and domestic opportunities. There are various short-term mission trip opportunities, as well as medium & long-term avenues for believers of nearly any background to share the love of Jesus with the Shoptar.

We know it will be hard work that will take decades to see fruit. But we know it's worth it. We are confident that as we work together by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, the Good News will take root and produce glorious fruit among the Shoptar.

How can you get involved?


Learn how to go on a short-term trip, spend 1-12 months, take a gap year, or invest even longer among unreached people groups.



Learn how to pray by joining the Prayer Network or receiving regular prayer updates.



Give to reach the tribal Muslim Shoptar. Your gifts will help make possible travel, research, jump starting missionary funding, and all future efforts toward changing that 0% reality for the Shoptar.

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Support "M," the cross-cultural worker serving among the Shoptar.

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