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Thailand Temple Buddhist

Thailand is the biggest missions initiative we’ve launched since 1987, when we planted churches in Macau.

Thailand Buddhists

Why Thailand?

There are over 50 million who are ethnically Thai and Buddhist. They are a highly unreached people group at less than half of 1% Christian. Many mission groups in Thailand have worked with ethnic minorities who, for a variety of reasons, have been much more receptive to the Gospel. That has been UB’s own focus in the northern mountainous areas in the past, where we have two churches.

However, knowing the lack of missionaries focused on reaching ethnic Thais and the great need for the Gospel among them, our team will be focused on sharing and serving them with the love of Jesus.

Statistically, it takes 6-8 years before a Thai Buddhist is ready to accept Jesus. That requires a long-term perspective and commitment.

What’s The Team?

In 2016, a team of ten persons from several countries was preparing to relocate to Thailand and begin ministry. The next year, they were all in place–from Honduras, the US, and a restricted access country. Today, they are joined by Thai teammates. This international team is a reflection of the global nature of Christ’s church today.

Thailand Bow Buddha 1

What are we doing there?

Through a community center, we are serving among three large neighborhoods in Chiang Rai. Our desire is to share the love of Jesus through classes and gatherings held in the center, meeting the needs of the communities, and in individual homes.

Watch videos and get more information about the ministry here.

Chiang Rai is poised to quadruple in size during the next decade. The confluence of rivers and border to other southeast Asian neighbors means more trade. The semi-conductor business is moving north from Bangkok to get away from flooding. The Chinese completed a major highway linking Bangkok with southwest China, going through Chiang Rai. All of this will lead to significant growth. Only God knows the full Kingdom potential and possibilities in this region. We hope the UB initiative will be a small part of seeing that become a reality.

How can you get involved?


Interested in short-term trips, gap year internships, going for 1-12 months, or longer?

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Give here to support our Thai staff, fund community activities, and other outreaches through & around the community center.

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