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Imagine living in a place where nearly every aspect of your life is dictated to you.

Where being caught with a Bible is an offense punishable by death.

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That is what life is like for the Oshari People group.

(We use the name Oshari publicly for security reasons for the country and its people. It's not their real name.)

This non-religious people group is primarily located in one country, with smaller populations in three others. Osharis living in urban settings typically work in factories while rural Osharis continue traditional farming practices.

Osharis are hardworking, devoted, respectful, and curious. Since the flow of information into their country is highly controlled, they have many questions about the outside world. They are interested in other people groups and ways of life outside of what they know.

The nearly 30 million Osharis are extremely restricted in the areas of economy, politics, written publications, media, speech, gathering, and religion. Christianity, and any religion, is strictly prohibited. Not only do Osharis who are found to follow Christ face imprisonment and death, but their close and extended family members do as well. Despite this persecution, it is estimated that 1.6% of Osharis are professing Christians.

As is the case with many unreached people groups, there are only a few missionaries working with this group. The Osharis are in need of spiritual and political freedom – we pray that God bless them in those ways in His perfect timing. β€œAnd you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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UB Global's part

At UB Global, our hearts break for unreached people groups like the Oshari for whom so many will never get the chance to hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We are grateful God has called a UB Global cross-cultural worker who is preparing to go to a country that neighbors Oshari where she will study language and culture. She will join an international, cross-agency team who is working with Oshari refugees.

We are hopeful that God will raise up more harvest workers to serve the Oshari through short-term mission trips and medium and long-term opportunities. We know this is challenging work, but we are confident that through the Holy Spirit's empowerment, we'll see this work bear much fruit among the Oshari.

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Support "A," the cross-cultural worker serving among the Oshari.