The Thailand Team

Dedication day at the Good Soil Community Center in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Members from Hong Kong Conference came for the event, joining the missionary team and friends they’ve made in Thailand.
Some members of the Thailand team during a team building meeting in October 2015
in Huntington, Ind. L-r: Julie Hui, Brian and Rachel Glunt, Milton and Erika Pacheco.

Thailand: Serving an unreached people group

Thailand is the biggest initiative we’ve launched in missions since 1987, when we partnered with Hong Kong Conference to plant churches in Macau.

What’s the Team?
In 2016, a team of ten persons from three countries was preparing to relocate to Thailand and begin ministry. By spring of 2017, they were all in place–from Hong Kong, the US, and Honduras. This international team is a reflection of the global nature of Christ’s church today.

It started in August 2016, when Brian and Rachel Glunt and their three young children moved to Thailand. They are from Emmanuel Community Church, a United Brethren in Christ congregation in Fort Wayne, Ind. Brian worked in the printing industry while Rachel had the very important fulltime job of “mom.”

Two other team members, from Hong Kong Conference, arrived in October 2016: Julie Hui (hoy) and Lai Au Yeung. Julie was involved with Campus Crusade while attending college in Hong Kong, and later spent two years working in mainland China. She graduated in May 2016 from the Institute of TESOL Studies at Huntington University. She’s also a talented pianist. Lai was also very involved with college ministry and her church, and graduated with an education degree focused on young children.

Milton and Erika Pacheco arrived in the spring of 2017. They are the first missionaries approved from Honduras UB Conference to serve on another continent. Milton, who worked for Habitat for Humanity in Honduras, holds business administration and seminary degrees and is a singer/songwriter. Erika served with a local ministry and is also gifted in music.

Paula was the last member of the team; due to security reasons, we can’t talk much about her online.

Julie and Lai completed their two-year agreements, and returned to Hong Kong in June and October of 2018. Julie now works fulltime as the missions outreach person for Hong Kong Conference.

Why Thailand?
People who are ethnically Thai are a highly unreached people group (less than half a percent Christian). Many mission groups in Thailand have worked with ethnic minorities who, for a variety of reasons, have been much more receptive to the Gospel. That has been UB’s own focus in the northern mountainous areas in the past, where we have two churches.

However, knowing the dearth of mission focus on reaching ethnic Thai and the great need for the Gospel among them, our team will be focused on serving and reaching ethnic Thais, many who are Buddhist with some elements of folk religion.

Statistically, it takes 6-8 years before a Thai Buddhist is ready to accept Jesus. That requires a long-term perspective and commitment.


Our Own Place

The Good Soil Community Center was dedicated on November 10, 2019. UB members from Hong Kong Conference, including Superintendent Kin Keung Yiu, came early to help prepare the new building for its grand opening, and then participated in the ceremony.

In 2016, we purchased a large building with plans to renovate to fit our needs. The building was located in a predominantly middle-class neighborhood, about three blocks from a major brand new mall like you’d find in LA or New York. UB Global and Hong Kong Conference shared the costs.

Now that it’s done, the UB team will develop deeper friendships with local ethnic Thais in a variety of ways: teach classes, host community events, and offer neighborhood hangout times for retirees, young moms, and teens.

However, there were too many problematic issues. So, instead of renovating the building, we tore it down. Construction began on a new building on November 1, 2018, and it took a year.

Through this property, the team intends to serve the local community by holding classes and outreach events that meet local needs, whether that’s learning a language, practicing a skill, learning a sport or music, etc.

Chiang Rai is poised to quadruple in size during the next decade. The confluence of rivers and border to other SE Asian neighbors means more trade.

The semi-conductor business is moving north from Bangkok to get away from flooding. The Chinese completed a major highway linking Bangkok with southwest China, going through Chiang Rai. All of this will lead to significant growth. Only God knows the full Kingdom potential and possibilities in this region. We hope the UB initiative will be a small part of seeing that become a reality.

The Good Soil Community Center.

Brian Glunt speaking at the dedication.

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