Field Staff


Chloe Makley

Chloe Makley will be a one-year intern in Thailand.

Role: Chloe will work alongside our missionaries and local staff in serving and reaching local Thais. She will also serve at the Good SoilsCommunity Center.

Home church: Lake Odessa, MI

  • Support Level 100% 100%


Jennifer Blandin

Jennifer Blandin has worked in Macau since 1996.

Role: Jennifer serves among the people in Macau as a pastor of Living Stone UB church, facilitating ESL learning, engaging in meaningful conversations, and more.

Home church: Main Street UB church in Walbridge, Ohio

  • Support Level 100% 100%

Jenaya Bonner

Jenaya Bonner has worked in Macau in 2010.

Role: Jenaya teaches in the English Language Program, facilitates discipleship multiplication, and serves in a variety of other ministries.

Home church: Emmanuel Community UB church in Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Support Level 67% 67%

Brian and Rachel Glunt Family

The Glunts, from Indiana, moved to Thailand in 2016.

Role: The Glunts are a part of an international team–the US, Hong Kong, and Honduras–ministering to Thai Buddhists in the city of Chiang Rai.

Home church: Emmanuel UB church in Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Support Level 100% 100%

Harold & Maryann

Harold and MaryAnn, retirees, have served since 2012 at Regent College of the Caribbean and at a community institute.

Role: Harold spent his career working in various trades—welding, electrical work, plumbing, etc. He teaches those skills at the high school. MaryAnn works in the college library.

Home church: New Hope UB church in Camden, Michigan

  • Support Level Dependent on project% Dependent on project%

Nicole “Nichie” Stonall

Nichie (Parish) Stonall is a sojourn staff serving in South Africa with Impact Africa since 2015. She and her husband, Chris, were married in 2019.

Role: Nichie is part of a team ministering to 300,000 people living in the slums, or squatter camps. She directs a baby abandonment center.

Home church: McCallum UB church in Delton, Michigan

  • Support Level 90% 90%

Christopher Wimer

Christopher Wimer began his work in Quito, Ecuador in August of 2017. He is one of our sojourn staff and serves with Alliance Academy International in Quito.

Role: Elementary Physical Education Teacher

Home church: Jerusalem Chapel UB church in Churchville, Virginia

  • 80% 80%

Milton & Erica Pacheco

The Pachecos, from Honduras, arrived in Thailand in 2017.

Role: Milton and Erica are talented musicians, exhibiting leadership and organizational gifting.

Home church: Honduras

Milton and Erica serve through the Honduran Church

  • Support Level 85% 85%


Paula arrived in Thailand in 2017.

Role: Paula has the heart of an evangelist and has a particular focus on university students.

  • Support Level 45% 45%

John and Amber McCammon

John and Amber are from Huntington, Indiana and are serving at Mattru Hospital.

Role: John and Amber are team leaders of the missionary team and hosts for short-term teams at the hospital. John works with the hospital site management. Amber works with Nyandengoh, children with disabilities, and assist at the hospital as needed.

Home church: First Church of the Nazarene, Huntington.

  • Support Level 95.6% 95.6%



Ruth Rivera Mejia

Ruth is from Honduras. She is exploring two possible Central American ministries to discern where the Lord may call her to serve for the rest of her term of service. 

Role: Ruth has served in ministry to university students and discipleship in her local church. She has also served at the Mattru Hospital in Sierra Leone. 

Home church: Honduras

  • Support Level 100% 100%


Nuñez Family

The Nuñez family is from Honduras and preparing to serve in Thailand.

Role: They are currently in pre-field preparation—learning language, building a support team, and equipping in missions.

Home church: Honduras



Ministries in medicine, church planting, and education.

  • Support Level 100% 100%



Educational work.

  • Support Level 80% 80%