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The international arm of the United Brethren in Christ in North America.

Get acquainted
with our overseas
staff—their work, and
their funding needs.

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ministries on our
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Global Ministries
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short-term ministry 

Meet our partner
churches and
organizations working
in nearly 30 countries.

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January 16-22: Guatemala (vision).
January 23–30: Jamaica (construction).
January 30 – February 6: Honduras (construction).
March 19-26: Nicaragua (construction).
June 1-11: Spain (sports/construction).
June 1–11: Spain (English camps).
June 25 – July 2: Honduras (medical).
June 10-17: Honduras (children’s ministry).
June 24– July 6: Poland (English camp).
July 23-30: Guatemala (children’s ministry).
October 6-22: Sierra Leone (construction).




Field Staff

We launched a major initiative in Thailand which will focus on Thai Buddhists living in the major city of Chiang Rai. One couple is already in Thailand, and others are preparing to join the team–a couple from Honduras, a family from the United States, and a young woman from Hong Kong.

Interact with other people about what’s happening in the world of missions, and particularly in the work of Global Ministries.