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Ways you can financially support ministries in our partner countries.

How can I give to these projects?
If you would like to give online to any of these projects, select “Account Number” from the pull-down menu and type “Keywords” in the “Other Comments” box. If giving by check or direct deposit, right this information in the memo line of your check.

Featured Project

2016 Children’s Mission Project(2-3005)

Through this year’s summer mission project, United Brethren children in the US and Canada can help United Brethren children in Guatemala. Learn more about it here.

Amount Needed: Open


Children’s Mission Project 2016 (2-3005)
Through this year’s VBS project, United Brethren children in the US and Canada can help United Brethren children in Guatemala.

Learn more about the project, along with videos.

Keywords: Children’s Mission Project

Amount Needed: Open

Guatemala: Scholarship Funds for Theological Studies (2-8698)
Many of our pastors in Guatemala come from humble backgrounds lacking education and the resources to pursue training for ministry. Your contribution to this fund will help provide assistance so that pastors and attend any number of excellent ministry training schools in Guatemala.

Keywords: Pastors Continuing Education

Amount Needed: Open

Guatemala: Church Planting Projects (2-8698)
Resources to further the current church planting efforts in Guatemala

Keywords: Guatemala Church Plant

Amount Needed: Open

Guatemala: Wheelchair for Paralytic Pastor (2-8698)
Central America can be a dangerous place, particularly if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s what happened to Pastor Esdras Orellano when he got caught in the crossfire of two opposing gangs in front of the church he pastors in Guatemala City.

A decade ago, help was provided so that Pastor Esdras could buy a motorized wheel chair. That chair is no longer functional and his family has asked if perhaps some friends could provide assistance so that a new chair could be purchased.

Keywords: Wheelchair Project

Amount Needed: $2350


The wheelchair has been purchased and delivered. Below is a picture of Pastor Esdras Orellano. Thanks to all that made this possible!

  • Percentage 100%


India: Home Based Care for Families Afflicted with HIV/AIDS (2-9993)
Home Based Care currently ministers to 70 families who are HIV/AIDS positive, living in their own villages.

Keywords: AIDS Support

Amount Needed: Open

India: Annual Institutes for Christian Workers (2-9990)
Help underwrite two large annual institutes which train Christian workers.

Keywords: India Christian Workers Institutes

Amount Needed: Open

India: Project Compassion Child Sponsorship (2-9993)
Meet the needs of children living with HIV/AIDS.

Keywords: Project Compassion

Amount Needed: Open

India: Medicine for Children with AIDS (2-9993)
Anti-retroviral drugs for children with AIDS.

Keywords: Children with AIDS

Amount Needed: Open

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: Student Sponsorship for Justin Marva (2-9898)
Help conference administrator Justin Marva pursue graduate education in Kenya for the next 3 years.

Keywords: Justin Marva

Amount Needed: $7000 per year.

  • Percentage 0%

Sierra Leone: Mattru Hospital (2-9896)
Help support the work of Mattru Hospital.

Keywords: Hospital Support

Amount Needed: $48000 per year.

  • Percentage 0%

Sierra Leone: Outreach to the Vai People in Pujehun (2-9898)
Funds to help underwrite efforts of our churches in Sierra Leone to evangelize the unreached Vai people.

Keywords: Pujehun

Amount Needed: Open

Sierra Leone: Renovate National Offices (2-9898)
Renovate and expand the national office building in Bo.

Keywords: Office Renovation

Amount Needed: $30,000

  • Percent 0%

Sierra Leone: Evangelical College of Theology (2-9898)
Help underwrite the ministry of pastoral education at the Evangelical College of Theology in Sierra Leone, where most of our pastors receive their training.

Keywords: College of Theology

Amount Needed: $8000 per year.

  • Percent Funded 100%
  • Percentage 0%



Mexico: Leadership Development (2-9498)
Underwrite training for pastors in Mexico Conference.

Keywords: Mexico Leadership Development

Amount Needed: $15,000

  • 0%


Turkey: Refugee Ministry Project (2-8598)
Help International Needs Turkey minister to refugees who make their way to Istanbul.

Keywords: Refugee Relief

Amount Needed: $5300 per year.

  • Percentage 33%


Nicaragua: Leadership Development (2-9398)
Fund a leadership training event for Nicaraguan pastors.

Keywords: Nicaragua Leadership Development

Amount Needed: $2000 per year.

  • Percentage 0%

Nicaragua: Dormitory Space in Masaya (2-9398)
Dormitory space is being added to a building in Masaya, to provide housing for various activities.

Keywords: Masaya Dorm

Amount Needed: Open


Haiti: Child Sponsorship Program 

Global Ministries partners with a great organization in Haiti called Christian Horizon Global. This organization has been working with our United Brethren churches and schools on the ground in Haiti to truly bring change in people lives and in their communities. CH Global has also made short term work in Haiti, affordable for those going while providing meaningful help to the local community as part of their long term goals.

Amount Needed: $41 per month to support a child in Haiti.

Here is a link to CH Global Sponsorship Page


Haiti: Medical Supplies for Grand Saline (2-9198)
Help support the ministry Dr. Germain Robinson Lorentz, a Haitian doctor, in the town of Grand Saline.

Amount Needed: $200

  • Percentage 100%


Jamaica: Malvern Camp (2-9598)
Rebuild the main camp building at Jamaica’s Malvern Camp.

Remodling Malvern Camp

Amount Needed: Open

Jamaica:Regent College of the Caribbean – Computer Project(2-9597)
Regent College of the Caribbean, located in Mandeville, Jamaica, is a Christ-centered educational institution that offers programs of study in ministry, counseling, business and early childhood care and development. Founded in 1945 by the United Brethren in Christ, it remains the church’s primary ministry training center.
This year the college is working to upgrade its computer lab. They would like to purchase 15 refurbished computers. Dr. Bryan Wallace, President and Academic Dean has committed to raising the funds necessary to pay for 3 computers at a cost of $650 each. They have asked if friends of Regent and the Jamaican United Brethren would help them in raising $7,800 needed to purchase the remaining 12 computers.

Keywords: Computers for Regent College

Amount Needed: $7,800

  • Percentage 46%

El Salvador

El Salvador: Leadership Development (2-8898)
Fund a leadership training event for church leaders in El Salvador.

Keywords: El Salvador Training Event

Amount Needed: $1000 per year.

  • Percentage 0%


NEW Liberia: Leadership Development (2-9898)
Nine churches in Liberia are among our newest United Brethren congregations. Our leaders from Sierra Leone have been working diligently to welcome them into our worldwide fellowship by orienting them to our beliefs, doctrine, and practice. Many of their pastors have limited ministry training. Your gift to this project will allow us to assist pastors completing studies at local ministry schools and assist our Sierra Leonean leadership in making regular trips to Liberia to train and orient these new churches.

Keywords: Liberia Pastor’s Continuing Education

Amount Needed: Open


Medical Supplies for Medical Ministry (2-3015)
A fund designed to provided the needed medical resources to short term teams

Keywords: Short Term Trip Medical Supplies

Amount Needed: Open