Our Team
The UB Global logo shows a rope of many strands. This is based on Ecclesiastes 4:12,
which says, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

UB Global is a partnership of various groups working together to advance the cause of Christ
around the world. You can read about some of these “cords” below.

UB Global Office Staff

Five persons work out of the UB Global office in Huntington, Ind. They recruit and oversee field staff, coordinate work teams, promote the work in churches, and much more.

Field Staff

About a dozen family units, employed by UB Global, serve in various countries.

Endorsed Staff

These are United Brethren members who serve directly with other mission organizations, but whose ministry we help support and promote.

Partnering Countries

We work with United Brethren churches in about 20 different countries.

Partner Agencies

We work with a number of like-minded organizations in various ways.

Leadership Team

UB Global is a joint venture of the US and Canadian national conferences. The governing board meets twice a year to provide general oversight of the total work of UB Global.