A 7-week study on practical missions with accompanying videos.
Great for small groups or Sunday School classes.


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Going deeper

Disciples are Informed

UB Global is excited to be able to share this curriculum by Center for Missions Mobilization. Coming in the fall of 2021, we will offer accompanying UB Global videos to use as you go through this Bible Study. The videos will provide exciting insights & perspectives from UB missions – from the past and present.

A brief description by CMM about the study:

Xplore is a 7-lesson study to help believers discover the biblical theme of God’s global purpose, the task remaining in frontier missions, major world religions, and how they can participate in God’s global purpose, no matter their location or vocation.

Xplore participants will discover:

  • God’s Word — Does the Bible have a common theme that ties it all together, or is it just a collection of great stories?
  • God’s World — Did you know there are more than 7 billion people on the planet today? Who are they? What do they believe? How is the church involved?
  • God’s Work — What is our purpose? How do we fit into God’s plan? Does one person really make a difference? How can we start?


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