VBS Project 2022

Every year, children in United Brethren VBS raise funds for a UB Global project. This year, through a Minecraft world we built, your kids can learn about unreached people groups. There are videos, prayer cards, and discussion questions to support your VBS missions focus.

Our goal: $6,000!

Introducing VBS 2022

This introduction video sets the stage of the missions focus. Be sure to refer to the Discussion Questions document for extra teaching points on a critical current missions concept.

Length: 1:29
View and download here.

Hard to get there

Kids will learn about the physical and cultural barriers that make missions hard. Discussion Questions will introduce the Shoptar.

Length: 1:34

View and download here.


Kids will learn about people’s opposition to the Gospel. Discussion Questions will teach about family opposition to the Gospel among the Shoptar.

Length: 2:39

View and download here.

Biblical Mandate

Kids will learn about their role in telling people about Jesus.

Length: 1:54

View and download here.

Download RESOURCE PACKET here.

Discussion Questions

Use these simple teaching points and discussions starters after each video.


Specific prayer points after each day’s video that your kids can take home.

Promotional Media

There are images, GIF, and video files that you can use for promoting the missions focus.


This year’s Easter project is also focused on the Shoptar. Click on the button below to learn more about the Shoptar people.