Global Kids

A UB-Based Curriculum for Teaching Kids about Missions

“Global Kids” is a United Brethren mission-based children’s curriculum. It was developed to help teach children ages 4-12 about missions. The 122-page workbook includes chapters on:

  • How to become “God’s Kid” (the plan of salvation).
  • How to become a “Kid in the Word” (the importance of the Bible and the need to study it).
  • How to become a “Global Kid” (introduction to missions, who are missionaries, where do they work, how can someone become a missionary).
  • United Brethren missionaries telling who they are, in what country they serve, and the talents they have that can be used on the mission field.
  • How our national conferences are sending missionaries into other places to share the good news of Christ.

You’ll also find worksheets, activities, photos, games, and additional resources.

All of these items are on bright, user-friendly pages that teachers can reproduce. The lessons can be used:

  • To supplement materials used in Junior Church, Sunday School, a mid-week children’s program or can even be used at home.
  • On their own as a complete program focused on United Brethren missions.

This workbook sells for $30 and comes in an expandable three-ring binder.

Cost: $30
Order by contacting UB Global at:

Toll-free: 888-622-3019