UB Global team

Our team works with our missionaries, national partners, and local churches to mentor and mobilize the next generation of cross-cultural workers.

Jeff Bleijerveld, director of Global Ministries

Frank Y

Frank was appointed Acting Director of UB Global for the period June-December 2020. He originally joined the UB Global staff in September 2011. His primarily responsibilities over the years have included supervising overseas staff, working with new staff on-boarding, and engaging with local churches. When he’s not facilitating individuals and organizations collaborating in Great Commission efforts, Frank dabbles in volleyball and photography.


Michelle Harris

Michelle came on staff in July 2016. She supervises UB Global’s work in Africa. Michelle is passionate about the beauty of the international church and the ways we can learn from and serve one another. She loves to write and read, and her favorite question is, “What are you reading?”

David Kline

David Kline

David Kline joined the UB Global staff in May 2014. David works as a mobilizer and is passionate about seeing people more fully embrace their role as global Christians. He also works with video and other media.

Jana Gass

Jana Gass

In December 2020, Jana completed eight years as administrative assistant for the UB Global Team. She took care of much of the office administration. Having herself served overseas for 7 years in Papua New Guinea, she provided valuable insight and experience around the office and to our overseas staff.

Serving More, Serving Better

In 2011, the UB Global team consisted of three persons–a director, an associate director, and an administrative assistant. That year, a commitment was made to expand UB Global’s impact by growing the team. The UB Global team now consists of Jana Gass, Michelle Harris, David Kline, and Frank Y. This added expertise has led to deeper and wider interactions with local churches and individuals.

Each team member brings years of overseas service, along with an understanding of the joys and struggles of cross-cultural ministry. As a result, UB Global has become more thorough in recruiting, mentoring, and training future missionaries, and in continually interacting with them after they reach the field. The three associate directors each oversee UB work in at least one or two countries.

UB Global is able to serve more, and serve better.

The UB Global Team works with local churches:

  • Inspiring and training our churches through many one-day Ignite regional mission conferences.
  • Consulting with churches to develop their local church missions strategy and team through our process called Missional DNA
  • Serving at the National Conference and UB Women’s Conference.
  • Speaking in dozens of churches and leading prayer gatherings.

The UB Global Team mobilizes missionaries:

  • Walking alongside dozens of individuals exploring missionary service.
  • Offering quarterly On Mission webchats with those interested in serving overseas.
  • Engaging Christians with regular up-to-date prayer tools and missions resources.

The UB Global Team serves on-field missionaries:

  • Providing focused care and support to our missionaries, whether those going through a crisis or just normal life on the field.
  • Strategizing with them and deepening missions impacts in their region.

The UB Global
Team Fund

We established the UB Global Team Fund as a way for people and churches to support the staff who work at the national office. This fund provides for their compensation, travel, and other expenses of the associate directors and administrative assistant.

We encourage supporters to contribute to the UB Global Team fund. We greatly appreciate your support.