UB Global team

Our team works with our local churches, missionaries, and international partners, and to mentor and mobilize the next generation of cross-cultural workers.

Frank Yang, Executive Director

Frank Yang has been Executive Director of UB Global since January 2021. Before that, he had served on the staff as an associate director since 2011, served overseas, and worked in corporate America. He is energized by mobilizing and resourcing believers from every part of the world toward better missions together.

Read more about Frank here.

Jeff Bleijerveld, director of Global Ministries

Michelle Harris

Michelle came on staff in July 2016. She supervises UB Global’s work in Africa. Michelle is passionate about the beauty of the international church and the ways we can learn from and serve one another. She loves to write and read, and her favorite question is, “What are you reading?”

David Kline

David Kline

David Kline joined the UB Global staff in May 2014. David works as a mobilizer and is passionate about seeing people more fully embrace their role as global Christians. He also works with video and other media.

David Kline

Steve Fish

Steve Fish joined the UB Global staff in February 2021. He is an ordained United Brethren minister who has served at UB churches since 1989 as senior pastor or on the staff.

Jana Gass

Angela Vincenti

Angela Vincenti has been administrative assistant since January 2021. She holds a degree in Cross Cultural Ministry from Huntington University. Since 2000, she and her husband, Mark, an ordained United Brethren minister, have served at UB churches in Pennsylvania and Indiana.


Each member of the UB Global team brings years of cross-cultural experience.

The UB Global Team serves local churches:

  • Resourcing our churches and believers with helpful missions & prayer tools
  • Inspiring and training our churches through virtual and in person events.
  • Consulting with churches to develop their local church missions strategy and team through our process called Missional DNA
  • Speaking in various churches, small groups, and even children’s Sunday Schools.

The UB Global Team serves missionaries:

  • Walking alongside individuals exploring missionary service.
  • Providing focused care and support to our missionaries, whether those going through a crisis or just normal life on the field.
  • Strategizing with them and deepening missions impacts in their region.

The UB Global Team serves international partners:

  • Working together through meaningful projects in making local impacts.
  • Advising international churches to mobilize and send their own to Gospel-deprived areas of the world.
  • Laboring side-by-side in a different country, whether health care, community development, or church planting.

The UB Global Team Fund

The UB Global Team is directly funded by individuals and churches. Your generosity supports their travel, compensation, equipment, and other expenses of the associate directors and administrative assistant.

We greatly appreciate your support in helping us serve North American and international believers.


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