We’ve created a number of videos to tell the story of UB Global around the world.

That Missions Update 7: April 2021

Hear from Chris Wimer, a UB missionary serving as elementary vice-principal of Alliance Academy International in Quito, Ecuador. The school has students, staff, and families from all over the world, and Chris seeks to integrate his faith into all of his interactions with them.

Length: 4:19
Download TMU7 here.

What is “That Missions Update”?

Hear more about this new way to keep up on UB missions.

Length: 57 seconds

That Missions Update 6: March 2021

An “Office”-themed version, in which you get acquainted with Steve Fish, a new associate director in UB Global, who in turn introduces and interviews John, a Thai Christian who joined the staff of our Good Soil Community Center in Thailand.

Length: 5:04
Download TMU6 here.

That Missions Update 5: Feb 2021

Getting acquainted with John and Amber McCammon, preparing to serve at Mattru Hospital in Sierra Leone.

Length: 4:22
Download TMU5 here.

TMU4: Jan 2021

As we enter 2021, reasons for joy from our mission work–Dr. Ruth Rivera in Sierra Leone, the Good soil center in Thailand, and Living Stone UB church n Macau.

Length: 2:37
Download TMU4 here.

TMU3: December 2020

UB missionaries in Macau, Thailand, and Sierra Leone tell us what they are thankful for this year.

Length: 2:37
Download TMU3 here.

TMU2: November 2020

Reaching out during the pandemic, Ruth Rivera and the Toupins going to Mattru Hospital, Nichie Stonall in South Africa.

Length: 4:09
Download TMU2 here.

TMU1: October 2020

Covid, Experience: Sierra Leone, and an inspiring story of a Muslim conversion.

Length: 3:17
Download TMU1 here.

This video includes a clip from an interview with Richard and Cathy Toupin. Go here to view the full 25-minute interview.

Dr. Ruth Rivera and Mattru Hospital

January 2021

Dr. Ruth Rivera, a dentist from the United Brethren church in Honduras, tells about her call to missions and her work at Mattru Hospital. Watch it here.
Download the interview here.

Richard and Cathy Toupin

Interview with Dr. Richard and Cathy Toupin. Length: 25.58.
Download the Toupin interview here.

Nichie Stonall, the Baby Center, and the Pandemic

December 2020

Nichie Stonall tells about the ministry of Impact Africa in South Africa, and how the pandemic affected their work. Nichie directs Impact Africa’s Baby Abandonment Center in Johannesburg. Watch it here.

Catch-Up with Nichie

Niche Stonall had planned to come to the US during the spring of 2020 to speak about her work in South Africa and raise support, but COVID axed that idea. In this video from May 2020, she gives an update.
Watch it here.

Experience Thailand

October-November 2020

Previous Experience Virtual Trips
Experience Mattru Hospital
(August-Sept 2020)

2020 Thank Offering

Equipping people for missions.

Previous Years
2019 Thank Offering

Easter Offering 2020 Thank You

The 2020 Easter Offering sought to raise money for a backup generator at Mattru Hospital. Over $22,280 was raised! UB Global associate director David Kline tells about the project.
Watch it here.

2020 Easter Offering

Raising $25,000 to buy a backup generator for Mattru Hospital in Sierra Leone. Length: 2:22

Previous Years
2019 Easter Offering

Children’s Ministry and Sierra Leone

A series of five videos to help introduce your church’s children to their counterparts in the town of Mattru in Sierra Leone. Each video is around a minute long.

View all five videos