Giving Tuesday

December 3, 2019

Thank you for making a Kingdom impact!

“We met two Pastors that are very passionate for evangelism, they got permission from the local government to have Christian activities once per month at a walking street market. They invited us to go to share testimonies and to sing every month…We are planning to get our local Thai church involved, especially teens, with choreography, dramas, songs, or testimonies.”

– Milton and Erika Pacheco in Chiang Rai, Thailand

“I would search my heart and cry out to God to reveal to me what sin I had committed that had resulted in the birth of my disabled child….Today I thank God for the teaching I have received. I don’t know why my child is disabled, but it is not because of something I have done. Only God knows why and my responsibility is to take good care of my son.”

– A mother who took part in a training led by Heleen Yoder in Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone.

Thank you for making a Kingdom impact!

“I’ve started my 6th year of teaching here, many people have been coming to me for advice and support for a variety of family, work-related, and personal issues. It’s a privilege to walk alongside these folks in the struggles of their lives. Please pray that my words will be helpful and ‘salty,’ causing them to ask more about my faith and how it’s core to everything in my life.”

– A long-term worker in a closed country