Give 2018

Help UB Global End the Year Strong

United Brethren churches in North America cooperate in overseas mission work, and UB Global is the agency for doing that. This legacy goes back to 1855, when we sent our first missionaries to Sierra Leone. UB people have always been generous in supporting what is essentially their own mission outreach.

As 2018 comes to a close, UB Global is looking at a deficit. So we naturally turn to you, our supporting churches and members, for help.

We are looking for partners in two areas:

  • To help us end 2018 in the black.
  • To commit to monthly financial support in 2019. We are praying for $8,000 a month in additional monthly support.

As we near the end of 2018, we hope you will consider giving a gift to meet our budget needs for the end of the year.

Would you also consider committing to monthly support in 2019 as a way to invest in the current and future kingdom work of the United Brethren in Christ? We are praying for $8,000 a month in additional monthly support from churches and individuals across our denomination.

Support the UB Global Team

In particular, we are needing support for the UB Global Team Fund (previously known as the General Fund). This supports the persons at the UB Global office who administer the worldwide ministries of UB Global.

In recent years, the team has increased from three to five persons. This has enabled UB Global to expand its work and more effectively serve our missionaries and churches. However, contributions toward the work of the staff is lagging.

You can read about these persons and their work here.

You can give in these ways:

  1. Give online here. Under “Purpose,” choose “UB Global Team.”
  2. Complete the form below, and send in your contribution.
  3. Use Direct Deposit for ongoing support.

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