Give toward meaningful projects in our partner countries.


Thailand (4-89983)

Thailand is the biggest initiative we’ve launched in missions since 1987. Your contributions to this project will fund the community center and Thai staff expenses. It’ll enable our international team to serve local Thais and meet their physical, educational, mental, and spiritual needs.

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Amount Needed: $2,333 per month.


INDIA – DeltaWest Service Association (4-9984)

DeltaWest provides a number of services to serve the local community. The first project will provide low-cost home medical care for the poor, HIV/AIDS and senior citizens. Many East Indians work abroad in South East Asia and the Middle East, leaving elderly parents to fend for themselves. This community service will sustainably meet a real need while expanding our reach into the lives of those who do not know Christ. Other programs will focus on potable water, sanitation, education, women empowerment, and environmental care.

Amount Needed: $3,166 per month.

Sierra Leone

Mattru Hospital (4-9896)

Help support the work of Mattru Hospital. These funds help to pay staff salaries and critical medical expenses.

Amount Needed: $1,670 per month.

Training for Sierra Leonean Hospital Staff (4-98968)

In the less populated region of Mattru, it is difficult to draw qualified hospital staff, but the Mattru staff are eager to learn. Help fund training so that the hospital can fill key hospital positions, such as radiology technicians.

Amount Needed: $670 per month.


Haiti: Child Sponsorship Program

UB Global partners in Haiti with Christian Horizon Global. This organization has been working with our United Brethren churches and schools on the ground in Haiti to truly bring change in people lives and in their communities. CH Global has also made short-term work in Haiti, affordable for those going while providing meaningful help to the local community, as part of their long-term goals.

Amount Needed: $41 per month to support a child in Haiti.

Here is a link to CH Global Sponsorship Page