Join Our Team

Do you sense God calling you into missionary service? Perhaps there is a place for you to serve through UB Global, whether directly with UB work or in a partner organization. The first step is talking with a UB Global Team member. Each has experience serving cross-culturally and can work with you to discern next steps. Fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you!


General Characteristics

  • Be a fully-devoted follower of Christ.
  • Possess the training, experience, and education needed to perform the tasks and ministries to which you’ll be assigned.
  • Be a citizen of your sending country.
  • The support and approval of your local home church.

Overseas Focus

The ministry you will engage in must have an overseas focus. For you, this might involved:

  • Actually relocating to another country.
  • Serving administratively stateside in an organization whose focus is overseas.

Approved Agency (for Sojourn & Endorsed Staff)

Your organization must meet the UB Global criteria for a missions agency, which includes being fully qualified to receive tax-exempt monies.

Application and Acceptance

You must apply to UB Global and be approved. To apply, contact the UB Global office:

Phone: 888-622-3019