Endorsed Staff

Our extended missionary family.

Who are the Endorsed Staff?

Endorsed staff are United Brethren people who serve with other mission organizations. Over the years, scores of UB people have served with such organizations as Wycliffe, OMS, New Tribes Mission, and TEAM. We welcome people to come under this umbrella.

Benefits of Endorsed Status

  • As an endorsed staff member, you have the blessing of UB Global to raise support in UB churches. This helps you gain access to local churches, mission conferences, and other events at which you can promote your work and raise support.
  • UB Global will help promote you and your work. That includes mention in the WorldView newsletter and other publications.
  • Scattered across the denomination are mighty prayer warriors who pray regularly–sometimes daily–for all UB staff. You may never meet these people…but they will be interceding on your behalf.
  • The Myers Mission House in Huntington is available for rent by staff on furlough. This is a very nice house, and is used almost constantly.

Requirements for Becoming Endorsed Staff

  • UB Membership.The person, or at least either the husband or wife in a family, must hold membership in a UB church.
  • Overseas Focus. The organization must have an overseas focus. This may involve actually relocating to another country, or serving administratively stateside in an organization whose focus is overseas.
  • Approved Agency. The organization must meet the UB Global criteria for a missions agency, which includes being fully qualified to receive tax-exempt monies.
  • Application and Acceptance.They must apply to UB Global for Endorsed status and be approved.