Christmas 2020

This year UB Global is gathering small Christmas gifts to bless folks in Thailand, Sierra Leone, and Macau. Consider adding some international gift-giving in your family and church community through UB Global this season!

You can give in these two ways:

You can Give By:

Collecting particular items from our wish list and send them to us at the UB Global office. These gifts will be delivered by teams and missionaries traveling in the coming months.

Or You can Give By:

Sending the donation amount needed for a certain item. Our missionaries will purchase the item(s) locally for immediate use.

Below are some of the simple gifts you can buy or make possible. These will go toward United Brethren ministry in three places: Macau, Thailand, and Sierra Leone.


Coffee and Conversations with a Purpose (16 at $20 each).
Help our missionaries invite locals to have intentional spiritual and life conversations.

Computer Software
(2 at $100 each).

This is needed to keep team workstations humming smoothly.

External Hard Drives
(2 at $100 each).

Not the most exciting, but necessary for backing up important data for ministry.

Sierra Leone

(20 at $10 for a bunch).

Pens, batteries, medical tape—these items are always in demand at Mattru Hospital. Fund a few months, or collect supplies, and then mail them to our office.

Glucometer with Strips 
(20 at $25 each).

The hospital has a steady need for these strips to treat diabetes, but they are hard to get in Sierra Leone.

Blood Pressure Cuffs
(10 at $25 each)
These are frequently used at Mattru Hospital and need to be replaced.


Craft Supplies
(12 months for $110).

Many children come every week for various activities at our Good Soil Community Center. Fund a few months or collect supplies, then mail them into our office. Ideas: construction paper, colored pencils, paint sets, brushes.

Ukuleles and keyboards
(10-20 at $28 each).

Thai kids love music, and our team can teach them if they have enough instruments.

Furnish a Classroom
(2 at $560 each).

We have two more classrooms that need furniture for activities with local friends.