Ruth Rivera

Dr. Ruth Rivera, a dentist, has been sent by our Honduras Conference to Mattru Hospital in Sierra Leone. She went to Sierra Leone at the beginning of October 2020 to spend six weeks not only caring for teeth, but studying the language and culture. In 2021, Ruth plans to return to Honduras before coming to the US to continue with training and building her support team.

There are no dentists in the Bonthe District of Sierra Leone. When we sent dentists with two teams in 2019, lines formed in the morning and dentists worked non-stop. In Sierra Leone, dental care has an impact that is life-changing, and sometimes life-saving.

Ruth is from La Ceiba, the center of United Brethren work in Honduras. She was accepted for missionary service in partnership with Honduras Conference.

She became a Christian at age nine at a camp for young people. In her family she was taught to love and fear God, and she has been able to see and experience the presence of God through her family.

Ruth serves the church with her whole heart. She has worked in children’s ministry, music, and evangelism. She obtained her Doctor of Dentistry in 2016.

Ruth worked with the Honduran IFES movement (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) from 2013-2018, during which time she mentored students, visited churches, and served with her dental skills on medical mission teams. She has served on many medical teams in rural areas of Honduras with UB people from the US.

In 2019, Ruth began seeking her next place of service. This led to her being approved by the Honduras Conference and UB Global to serve as a medical missionary in Mattru.

Ruth Rivera

Dr. Ruth Rivera

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