The Nuñez Family

Alex and Cristina Núñez have been teachers at the UB Bethel School in La Ceiba, Honduras, for most of their careers. Alex is a social studies teacher and Cristina is a Spanish teacher. Both are also involved in leading worship at the Gethsemene UB Church in La Ceiba.

In 2020 they sensed a call to minister in Thailand. The Honduras National Conference confirmed this calling, and in 2020 commissioned the Nuñez Family to serve at the Good Soil Community Center in Thailand. Since then, they have been working to learn English so that they can later learn to speak Thai.

Alex and Cristina have a deep faith and sincere love for God and others. Roger Reeck, who served with Wycliffe in Honduras, is aiding to prepare the Nuñez Family for the field. He says they are some of the sweetest people you can ever know, and that they will lead people to Jesus by way of their humility and sincere love for others.

There are three sons: Japheth, Andres, and Matteo. The family is living humbly as they prepare for the journey to Thailand and work among the Northern Thai people.

During this first stage of missionary preparation, they need $750/month to meet their financial needs. We anticipate that they will come to the United States in late summer of 2022 to finish raising support. By getting to know the Nuñez Family now, you are joining the front end of long-term missionary impact in Thailand!

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