Chloe Makley

As a child in her home church (Mount Hope Assemblies of God in Portland, Mich.), Chloe was fascinated by missionaries who shared stories about reaching people with God’s love. As a teenager, Chloe had the opportunity to make multiple short-term mission trips with teams from the Kilpatrick UB Church. She traveled with them from Lake Odessa, Mich., to Costa Rica, where she helped to build homes and distribute Bibles.

Chloe had always assumed that when the time was right, she would serve in a Latin American country. However, by the leading of the Spirit through prayer, investigation, and much conversation, Chloe developed an enthusiastic preparedness to serve and reach the children, youth, and their families in Thailand. Less than half of 1% of the Northern Thai people are Christian.  

Chloe will join a small band of others who provide a daily Christian witness to the Northern Thai in Chaing Rai. She will be a staff intern at the Good Soil Community Center, where our team offers free classes to educate the next generation. These classes may include English and cooking lessons, arts and crafts, and other creative topics. By building relationships through instruction, Chloe and her team have an opportunity to share the most important news of all, and that is the love of Jesus Christ.

Chloe developed a Missionary Support Team who will serve, encourage, and support her while on the field. To learn more about how you can be connected to this team, contact UB Global to receive all of Chloe’s communications.

Thank you for partnering with Chloe as she continues to realize the purpose God has placed in her heart to lead others to Jesus.

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