Perspectives Courses

Many United Brethren people have taken the Perspectives course, which is a ministry of the US Center for World Mission. This course trains and mentors Christ followers to expand their worldview, promote hope, and unite the global body of Christ making disciples of the nations. Whether you intend to serve as a “goer” or a “sender,” the training is essential for understanding the work of the Great Commission.

Since 1974, more than 80,000 believers in North America and 20,000 more around the world have taken the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. Each year, about 200 classes are hosted in churches and community centers around the country. In fact, UB Global  donated $2000 toward the translation of Perspectives into Spanish. The first group to complete the program, in 2012, was from San Jose, Costa Rica.

In 15 lessons, you’ll engage with a range of dynamic speakers. Weekly readings and study will help you dig even deeper. The program can be taken at an audit, undergraduate, or graduate level.