Missional DNA

Discovering your church’s role in God’s mission

Many local churches have limited insight regarding their role in the Great Commission and don’t know where to begin. Some simply imitate what they see other churches doing—an adequate strategy, perhaps, but it doesn’t necessarily inspire enthusiasm.

We believe that just like every person, every local church has its own DNA. God has prepared its mem­bers to fulfill a specific role in His harvest. UB Global wants to help your church discover its missions DNA.

The process begins with an online assessment to be completed by as many of your peo­ple as possible. During a weekend at your church, we examine various factors regarding the church and its members—strengths, resourc­es, passions, context, and previous experience in missions.

Then, UB Global representatives provide a six-hour interactive workshop to help your people gain a better understanding of missions and how local churches can become involved.

After the workshop, UB Global will continue working with your church to forge a strategy and specific action plan, providing ongoing support and resources.