Faith Promise

Faith Promise

What is a Faith Promise?

A Faith Promise entails people making pledges – between themselves and God – about how much they would give beyond their normal giving. The pledge is an amount you believe God is telling you he will supply, which you then watch him supply in the form of unexpected income.

The Faith Promise method of giving is not new to the United Brethren. In 1981, Bishop Duane Reahm first challenged the General Conference to adopt this method. In the years ahead, Faith Promise raised tens of thousands of dollars for missions and local outreach. And with the money came countless stories about how God had met individual people’s pledges in fascinating ways.

Is Faith Promise Biblical?

In 2 Corinthians 8-9, we see God channel His blessings from local churches to those in faraway places.  Specifically, the earliest churches were sacrificing for the sake of the church in Judea.  It is our desire that Faith Promise is a modern equivalent of such generosity.  There are a couple characteristics about the giving in 2 Corinthians 8-9 worth noting.

  • The gift is more than one can naturally afford (8:2-4)
  • The gift flows from personal commitment (8:5)
  • The gift is optional, but it is a “test” of God’s love in our lives (8:8)
  • The gift is previously promised (9:5)
  • The gift is a tool for blessing in our own lives (9:6)
  • The gift is personally planned and purposed (9:7)
  • The gift can be given cheerfully (9:7)
  • The gift is provided by God (9:8)

This offering is also referred to in Acts 11:27-30; 24:17; Galatians 2:10; Romans 15:23-33; and 1 Corinthians 16:1-9.

How Do You Make a Faith Promise?

  1. Pray for what the Lord would have you do and know what He commands He also enables.
  2. Commit yourself to make a Faith Promise, realizing that your faith will grow as you stay committed to that promise.
  3. Look for the different ways God will use you to supply your Faith Promise.
  4. Be faithful to give as God enables you.

Who can make a Faith Promise?

God gives to all of His children – rich and poor – the privilege of giving.

Everyone must make up his mind as to how much he should give. God says to never force anyone to give more than he really wants to give. He loves a cheerful giver. We should not give, wishing we could keep it. God loves it when we give because we want to give.

When we make a Faith Promise commitment we promise to give God more than we have right now! We pray and decide on the amount that we trust God to help us get and then we promise God that if He provide it, we will give it back to Him. We need to be careful not to use this money for our own purposes. Remember, this is a promise only between you and God.

What are the results of Faith Promise giving?

Joy, blessing, increased ability to give, thankfulness to God, and it will bring glory to God and help spread the gospel.