Direct Deposit

Direct deposit has become common. People use it to pay utility bills, insurance premiums, loan payments, and much more.

Now, you can use Direct Deposit to support the work of UB Global. Donations, including monthly support for individuals, can be transferred automatically from your bank account.

No checks to write. No stamps to find, or envelopes to address. You don’t even need to remember that your support is due. It all happens automatically.

Transfers occur automatically. You do nothing. You don’t need to write checks, find the address, locate the previous receipt, fill out the envelope, pay for stamps, etc.


Your gift is transferred at the same time every month. You don’t need to remember to make the gift.


Electronic fund transfers are among the most reliable, accurate, and secure methods of payment.


Direct deposit saves our organization money by removing the time-consuming and costly aspects of processing checks.

How Does it Work?

Direct Deposit sets up an arrangement between UB Global and your bank. Every month, on the same date, a predefined gift is transferred from your checking or savings account to the UB Global bank account.

Direct deposit is one of the most reliable, accurate, and secure payment methods. There are no checks or receipts to be lost, stolen, or delayed in the mail. Every check you write contains written information about your bank account. That’s not an issue with electronic transfers.

Want to Sign Up for Direct Deposit?

1. Download the direct deposit brochure. It includes a tear-off.

2. Include a voided check or savings deposit slip.

3. Mail to UB Global.

Contact Us

Questions? Concerns? Please contact us:

UB Global
302 Lake Street
Huntington, IN 46750

Toll-free: 888-622-3019
Local calls: 260-356-2312
Email: To email, click here


Direct Deposit is Available for These UB Global Staff

Jennifer Blandin
Jenaya Bonner
Brian & Rachel Glunt
Milton & Erica Pacheco
Harold & MaryAnn Hancock
Hannah Barrett
Patti Kuntz
Pamela McKee
Nichie (Parish) Stonall
Christopher Wimer
Our worker in India
Our workers in Asia

For all other staff, check with their sending agency to see if they offer direct deposit.