Partner Countries

UB Global partners with United Brethren churches in nearly 20 countries.
These countries can be divided into two categories: national conferences, and mission districts.

National Conferences

A national conference consists of at least five United Brethren churches in a single country. It is self-governing.

Every three years, the national conferences choose representatives to General Conference, a meeting of the international fellowship of United Brethren national conferences.

These are our national conferences:


A mission district consists of churches in a country which haven’t organized as a national conference–either because they don’t meet the requirements of a national conference, or they just aren’t ready to take that step.

Mission districts are under the supervision of a national conference.

These are our mission districts:

  • Costa Rica (oversight: Nicaragua)
  • El Salvador (oversight: Honduras)
  • Germany (oversight: Sierra Leone)
  • India (oversight: United States)
  • Macau (oversight: United States)
  • Liberia (oversight: Sierra Leone)
  • Thailand (oversight: Hong Kong)
  • France (oversight by UB Global)