Our Values


Lesser-Reached. We focus on people groups that are less than 1% evangelical.

People Over Programs. We prioritize ministry to people over projects, programs, or institutions.

Existing Connections. We pursue opportunities where we already have meaningful connections and can expand our efforts.

Social Action. We favor social-action that is evangelistically oriented.

Local Leaders. We develop local leadership and discourage staff from assuming lengthy leadership roles.

Local Ownership. We seek local ownership and participation in ministry and projects.

Staff Care. We care for the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of staff.

Equipping Volunteers. We ensure that all volunteers have adequate training, funding, and resources.

Multiplication. We value methods that are sustainable, reproducible, culturally relevant, and technologically appropriate within the host culture.

Partnerships. We partner with those who share our values and objectives in order to maximize our limited resources.


Disciples. We make reproducing followers of Christ, who have been taught to obey Christ’s commands and demonstrate God’s love.

Leaders. We reproduce leaders who are trained, empowered and unleashed to call the Church to fulfill its Great Commission mandate.

Churches. We multiply churches that are self-supporting, self-governing, self-propagating, culturally relevant, and missionally focused on fulfilling God’s purposes.

Compassion. We demonstrate the compassionate heart of God by ministering to those in need.