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Child Sponsorship

Opportunities to sponsor children in Haiti and Asia.

Child Sponsorship in Asia

We have two opportunities for supporting children directly through United Brethren work in Asia.

Children who have leprosy, or have parents with leprosy or AIDS/HIV
Your support of $25 per month enables these children to attend school and provides school supplies, books, clothing, food, and medical needs. The children stay in a “hostel,” which is like a dorm, and only go home periodically for holidays.

Children who are dying of AIDS/HIV
Many of these children will eventually die of AIDS. We want to help them be cared for and shown Christ’s mercy until that time. One great concern is having sufficient antiretroviral drugs to reduce suffering during these children’s final days. The cost has risen dramatically to $80 a month per children.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact the Global Ministries Office.

Toll-free: 888.622.3019
Email: Send email to Global Ministries

CHGlobal in Haiti

Many United Brethren support children in Haiti through our partner agency, CH Global. This program provides support, education, and training for hundreds of children with exceptional needs. Those with exceptional needs are defined as:

  • Persons with developmental, intellectual, or physical disabilities.
  • Children at risk (those who have been orphaned, abandoned, or affected by poverty, war, or illness).
  • Children affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Marginalized communities who support persons with exceptional needs–caregivers, impoverished women, single parents, and other caregivers.