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Global Ministries comes alongside a number of missionaries from United Brethren churches who serve with other organizations. By granting “endorsed” status, Global Ministries is basically telling the UB constituency, “These are missionaries you should consider supporting.”
L-r: Ron and Brenda Anderson, Jaime Clore, Arek and Donna Delik, Marion and Candy Hall.
  • Ron and Brenda Anderson serve in Spain with European Christian Mission, International. Ron facilitates church multiplication movements around the world.
  • Jaime Clore serves in Spain with SEND International and works with local youth.
  • Arek and Donna Delik serve with Operation Mobilization in Kutno, Poland, a city of about 54,000 people with very few evangelical Christians. They are planting a church and ministering among alcoholics and the poor.
  • Marion and Candy Hall serve with World of Life Bible Institute in the Czech Republic.
  • Undisclosed. A family serves in a closed country.


Top row, l-r: Wes and Jean Bell, Brian and Cathy Birdsall, Sarah Bonner, Neal and Carol Brinneman, the Datema family.
Bottom row, l-r: Abby Farmer, Jessica Hollopeter, the Reed family, Roger and Mary Lou Skinner, the Weber family.

United States
  • Wes and Jean Bell serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators—in Brazil for many years, but now in the US mentoring new missionaries.
  • Brian and Cathy Birdsall serve with Cru, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ. They served many years in Russia and Ukraine. They now live in New York, where Brian directs Cru work among United Nations ambassadors.
  • Sarah Bonner serves in Greenwood, Ind., in the international office of One Mission Society. She is administrative assistant to the director of Every Community for Christ, which focuses on church planting.
  • Neal and Carol Brinneman work with JAARS, a partner organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Before that, they worked on Bible translation projects with Wycliffe in West Africa.
  • Dave and Cathie Datema serve in Pasadena, Calif., with Frontier Ventures, the umbrella organization for a number of mission agencies, including the US Center for World Mission. Dave is a general director.
  • Abigail Farmer is currently raising support for her new position as Distance Education Instructional Designer with the GIAL (Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics). GIAL exists to provide training and research opportunities leading to degrees in applied linguistics, culture studies, and development of languages. This training is essential for Bible Translators and cross-cultural workers to be effective in their roles. Abby earned her Ed.D. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Jackson State University in Jackson, MS.
  • Jessica Hollopeter works in the One Mission Society home office in Greenwood, Ind., and supports a successful church multiplication program called Train & Multiply. She began working with OMS in July 2010.
  • Joe and Natalie Reed have been serving with Church Resource Ministries since 2008. After serving for five years in South Africa, they are now involved with a new missionary effort in New England and live in Boston, Mass.
  • Roger and Mary Lou Skinner have been involved with One Mission Society (formerly OMS International) since 1973–as field missionaries for the first 22 years, and in the international office since 1995. Roger is Vice President at Large.
  • Doug and Ruth Weber serve with Reach Beyond, formerly known as HCJB Radio. They spent 20 years in Ecuador, and since 2012 have served in the United States.
L-r:Bryan and Emily Gerlach, the Mallay family.
Asia and Africa
  • Bryan and Emily Gerlach serve with TEAM in Thailand, where they work with a local church.
  • Seth and Becca Mallay serve with World Medical Mission, the medical arm of Samaritan’s Purse, in Togo, West Africa. Seth is a doctor.
  • Jason and Rachel and their two children work with Operation Mobilization in Canada. They produce Christian media for a sensitive part of Central Asia with a team of believers from a Muslim background.
  • Undisclosed. Two other families serve in Asia in sensitive places.
L-r: The Churchill family, Rick Tyler.
  • Fraser and Sherry Churchill serve the Canadian national office of Operation Mobilization in Port Colborne, Ontario. Fraser is Director of Development, and Sherry is Hospitality Coordinator. They have been with OM since 1986.
  • Rick and Diane Tyler coordinate short-term mission efforts with Christian Missions Resource Centre, based in Ontario.


L-r: The Andino family, Chris and Brenda Moore, Roger and Marilyn Reeck, Dave and Becky Spencer, David and Teresa Roberts.
Latin America
  • Rigo and Chrysti Andino serve with Commission to Every Nation in La Ceiba, Honduras. Rigo works with construction teams, well-digging, and other community projects. Chrysti works part-time as a women’s health nurse.
  • Chris and Brenda Moore serve with Here’s Hope Ministries, Inc., which ministers in the Central American nation of Belize.
  • Roger and Marilyn Reeck work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They personally worked on translating the Bible into two languages, and now do consulting and training. They are based in Honduras and travel from there to several other countries.
  • Dave and Becky Spencer serve in Brazil with Wycliffe Bible Translators in member care and project management
  • David and Teresa Roberts serve with Cornerstone Foundation in Balfate, Honduras. David works in the maintenance shop to help keep the hospital, school, and children’s center running. Teresa teaches at El Camino Bilingual School.